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Insights and events

Read or watch the latest opinions from our fund managers and other experts.


Building on a wealth of experience

12 November 2014 | The Fixed Interest team, Invesco Perpetual

Fifteen years after launching the first of our mixed asset funds, Paul provides an introduction to the latest addition, launched on 9 May 2014.

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Key drivers of the global economic outlook

07 November 2014 | John Greenwood, Chief Economist, Invesco Ltd

As we enter the final quarter of the year, John Greenwood shares his latest views and insights on the contrasting economic recoveries in the UK, US and the eurozone, as well as the emerging markets.

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Investment trusts – ready for another 125 years?

17 November 2014 | Tom Tuite-Dalton, UK Equities Product Manager, Invesco Perpetual

Investment trusts are perhaps best considered as long-term investments and, as with any collective investment, selection is key. Arguably, the best investment trusts have kept things simple, rewarded patient shareholders and stood the test of time. Here we look at how investment trusts work, and why we would not be surprised to see potential for the best of them to continue to flourish over the next 125 years.

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Philosophy and flexibility

12 November 2014 | Stuart Edwards, Fixed Interest Fund Manager, Invesco Perpetual

Stuart Edwards discusses his investment philosophy and economic outlook.

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When household appliances and internet technology collide

11 November 2014 | David Prosser, freelance journalist

As technology sector analysts consider the next major online revolution, the ‘internet of things’, how might this actually look to you and me?

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Update on the European banking sector

11 November 2014 | Cathal Dowling, Fixed Interest Product Strategist, Invesco Perpetual

Since the eurozone crisis started back in 2009, much progress has been made to raise the resilience of the financial sector; however weak credit flow highlights the persistent weakness of the eurozone economy.

Get an update on the European banking sector


A positive outlook for Europe

07 November 2014 | Stephanie Butcher, European Equities Fund Manager, Invesco Perpetual

Stephanie Butcher looks at whether there is a case for investing in European equities.

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Reform in Asia

07 November 2014 | Stuart Parks, Head of Asian Equities, Invesco Perpetual

Since the change in leadership in 2013, China’s economic strategy has become more comprehensive and balanced in comparison to previous years. With India and Indonesia also seeing new governments come to power, Stuart looks at why he has a positive view for the medium-term outlook for Asia.

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Monthly Market Roundup – covering October 2014

07 November 2014 | Invesco Perpetual

Our review of global markets and events over the month of October.

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A quarter driven by macro-economics and geopolitics

14 October 2014 | John Botham, Product Director, Invesco Perpetual Global Equities

Conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, and slow to no growth in Europe, find out what this has meant for the Invesco Perpetual Global Equity Income Fund.

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Invesco Perpetual UK equities market update

08 October 2014 | Mark Barnett, Head of UK Equities, Invesco Perpetual

Duration: 00:28:43

What is the outlook for the UK economy and equity market? Have there been any new additions to the UK equities team? Which sectors are proving interesting? Mark Barnett, Head of UK Equities, answers these and other pertinent questions.

Watch the interview with Mark


Devolution debate leaves all to play for in dead-heat General Election

11 November 2014 | Iain Anderson, Director and Chief Corporate Counsel, Cicero Group

A generation from now, the United Kingdom’s political structure could be unrecognisable to its citizens today and it’s all due to 14 people who happened to answer their phone.

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Brighter prospects for emerging market equities?

13 November 2014 | Dean Newman, Head of Emerging Market Equities, Invesco Perpetual

The summer of 2014 has, proved to be a more rewarding one for global emerging equity markets than the corresponding one last year. So, what’s changed?

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Global Equities: a long-term investment strategy

12 November 2014 | Nick Mustoe, Chief Investment Officer, Invesco Perpetual

The pace and scope of the globalisation of financial markets over the last three decades has created opportunity in the marketplace.

Learn more about global equities for long-term investing


A review of the Japanese equity market

11 November 2014 | Tony Roberts, Fund Manager, Invesco Perpetual

The 1 April consumption tax rise has had a distortive impact on the Japanese economy. After a strong quarter of economic growth in January to March, Tony Roberts looks how the Japanese economy had faired post March.

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Opportunities and risks in the UK stock market

07 November 2014 | Mark Barnett, Head of UK Equities, Invesco Perpetual

With the economy improving over the last 12 months, Mark Barnett, looks at whether that rate of improvement can be maintained.

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US bank stress tests to ‘lose importance’ to investors

07 November 2014 | Simon Laing, Head of US Equities, Invesco Perpetual

Simon Laing looks at how much benefit banks are expected to get from interest rate rises and how much capital can be returned to shareholders.

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Company management: An integral part of our philosophy and process

07 November 2014 | Andrew Hall, Fund Manager, Invesco Perpetual

“Stocks are simple. All you do is buy shares in a great business for less than the business is intrinsically worth, with managers of the highest integrity and ability.” Warren Buffet

Learn more about our Global Equities philosophy and process


The Edinburgh Investment Trust plc celebrates 125 years

15 October 2014 | Tom Tuite Dalton, Product Manager, Invesco Perpetual

Investment trusts come and go but some just carry on, and on. What is the secret of the longevity of this investment trust that was launched in 1889?

Learn more about this investment trust


European banks rebuild confidence

08 October 2014 | Cathal Dowling, Fixed Interest Product Strategist, Invesco Perpetual

European banks have regained balance sheet strength but their lending to business remains weak, highlighting the persistent weakness of the eurozone economy.

Find out more about the recovery of the European banking sector


Scottish referendum statement

19 September 2014 | Invesco Perpetual

Invesco Perpetual sets out its position in light of the result of the Scottish Independence Referendum announced today.

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