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Introducing the Invesco Perpetual Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund

News | 27 February 2017

The latest fund from our Fixed Interest team provides access to emerging market bonds and the diversity that investing across a broad investment universe brings.

Invesco Perpetual has today expanded its fixed interest offering with the launch of the Invesco Perpetual Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund.

Managed by Stuart Edwards and Asad Bhatti, the fund is aimed at those investors seeking income and capital growth over the medium to long term. Stuart and Asad bring with them a wealth of fixed interest expertise and the pair will be supported by a number of macro experts within the Henley Fixed Interest team.

Stuart and Asad are experienced fixed interest professionals: Stuart currently manages funds which incorporate investment in developing and emerging market bonds, while Asad has considerable experience of credit analysis and investment in corporate securities in both developed and emerging markets.

Paul Causer, Co-Head of our Fixed Interest team commented:

“We believe emerging market bonds are going to become an increasingly important and prominent asset class. Conversations with clients already suggest that there is a greater appetite for these sorts of products and we have talented managers in Stuart and Asad who have a wealth of expertise and knowledge to bring to this new fund.”

The fund will adopt the same overarching investment philosophy and approach as our other Fixed Interest funds – focusing on unconstrained, active investment management. The addition of this fund is a natural extension of the current range and complements the Fixed Interest team’s existing skillset and expertise.

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Investment risks

The value of investments and any income will fluctuate (this may partly be the result of exchange rate fluctuations) and investors may not get back the full amount invested.

The securities that the Invesco Perpetual Emerging Markets Bond Fund invests in may not always make interest and other payments nor is the solvency of the issuers guaranteed. Market conditions, such as a decrease in market liquidity for the securities in which the fund invests, may mean that the fund may not be able to sell those securities at their true value. These risks increase where the fund invests in high yield or lower credit quality bonds and where we use derivatives.

The fund invests in emerging and developing markets, where there is potential for a decrease in market liquidity, which may mean that it is not easy to buy or sell securities. There may also be difficulties in dealing and settlement, and custody problems could arise.

The fund has the ability to make use of financial derivatives (complex instruments) which may result in the fund being leveraged and can result in large fluctuations in the value of the fund. Leverage on certain types of transactions including derivatives may impair the fund’s liquidity, cause it to liquidate positions at unfavourable times or otherwise cause the fund not to achieve its intended objective. Leverage occurs when the economic exposure created by the use of derivatives is greater than the amount invested resulting in the fund being exposed to a greater loss than the initial investment. The fund may be exposed to counterparty risk should an entity with which the fund does business become insolvent resulting in financial loss.

As one of the key objectives of the fund is to provide income, the ongoing charge is taken from capital rather than income. This can erode capital and reduce the potential for capital growth.

Important information

Where Paul Causer and Lewis Aubrey-Johnson have expressed opinions, they are based on current market conditions and are subject to change without notice. These opinions may differ from those of other Invesco Perpetual investment professionals.

For the most up to date information on our funds, please refer to the relevant fund and share class-specific Key Investor Information Documents, the Supplementary Information Document, the Annual or Interim Short Reports1 and the Prospectus, which are available using the contact details shown.

1 As the Invesco Perpetual Global Emerging Markets Bond Fund launched on 27 February 2017, the first reports will be issued on or before the following dates:

Interim: 31 October 2017
Annual: 30 April 2018