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This page should be read in conjunction with the investment risks below.

Investing in ideas: Invesco Perpetual multi asset funds

In the current low-growth, low-yield environment, investors are being tested by market uncertainty. By diversifying across asset classes, our multi asset funds can help manage volatility and safeguard your assets from unwanted surprises.

Our ‘ideas-based’ approach to multi asset investing gives you access to a wide range of asset classes, including equities, bonds and currencies, and combines them into a single, risk-adjusted portfolio. With this highly-diversified approach, we aim to provide exposure to the upside in financial markets while managing the impact of adverse market events.

Both of our multi asset funds are rigorously tested against extreme economic scenarios, allowing us to assess their resilience to difficult economic conditions. Managed by our Multi Asset team, led by David Millar, the funds benefit from a wealth of experience and a proven capability in the development and implementation of risk-managed portfolios.

To build a truly diversified portfolio, we look for good, long-term investment ideas across asset classes, geographies, sectors and currencies

David Millar
Head of Multi Asset

Funds to help cushion against market volatility


Investing for growth

Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Returns Fund

For investors looking to mitigate short-term market volatility whilst seeking long-term returns, we have created our Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Returns Fund. Targeting a 5% gross annual return above UK 3-month LIBOR over any given three-year period, the fund looks to achieve this return with a volatility of less than half that of global equities over the same three-year period.

We cannot guarantee that the fund will achieve a positive return or its target.


Investing for sustainable income

Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Income Fund

With low interest rates and market uncertainty set to continue, the Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Income Fund targets a gross annual income of 3.5% above UK 3-month LIBOR (before corporation tax) and aims to preserve capital in all market conditions over any given three year period. It looks to achieve this with less than half the volatility of global equities, over the same three year period.

We cannot guarantee that the fund will achieve these aims and you could get more or less than the target income and you may not get back the amount you invest.

Multi Asset team

Proven capability

For over 40 years, Invesco Perpetual has been synonymous with fundamental research-driven investing. Our Multi Asset investment team, led by David Millar, supplements this rich seam of investment ideas with its own extensive experience and proven capability to develop and implement risk-managed portfolios.

11 team members
17 years’ average investment experience
£12.96bn in assets under management in just 3 years
David Millar Head of Multi Asset

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Richard Batty Fund manager

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Gwilym Satchell Fund manager/Risk manager
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Saul Shaul Senior Portfolio Analyst

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Clive Emery Product Director

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Georgina Taylor Research Director

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Dave Jubb Fund manager

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Sebastian Mackay Fund manager

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Michael Marshall Risk analyst

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Steve Hawes Research analyst

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Danielle Singer Portfolio Director

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Dilek Ulu Fund analyst

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  • Ideas-based approach
  • Targeted returns/volatility
  • Risk-adjusted portfolios
  • Highly diversified
  • Strong, experienced investment team
  • Tested against economic scenarios

Investment risks

The value of investments and any income will fluctuate (this may partly be the result of exchange rate fluctuations) and investors may not get back the full amount invested.

As one of the key objectives of the Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Income Fund is to provide income, the ongoing charge is taken from capital rather than income. This can erode capital and reduce the potential for capital growth.

The Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Returns and Global Targeted Income Funds make significant use of financial derivatives (complex instruments) which will result in the funds being leveraged and may result in large fluctuations in the value of the funds. Leverage on certain types of transactions including derivatives may impair the funds’ liquidity, cause them to liquidate positions at unfavourable times or otherwise cause the funds not to achieve their intended objective. Leverage occurs when the economic exposure created by the use of derivatives is greater than the amount invested resulting in the funds being exposed to a greater loss than the initial investment.

The funds may be exposed to counterparty risk should an entity with which the funds do business become insolvent resulting in financial loss. This counterparty risk is reduced by the Manager, through the use of collateral management.

The securities that the funds invest in may not always make interest and other payments nor is the solvency of the issuers guaranteed. Market conditions, such as a decrease in market liquidity for the securities in which the funds invest may mean that the funds may not be able to sell those securities at their true value. These risks increase where the funds invest in high yield or lower credit quality bonds and where we use derivatives.

Although the Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Income Fund invests mainly in established markets, it can invest in emerging and developing markets, where there is potential for a decrease in market liquidity, which may mean that it is not easy to buy or sell securities. There may also be difficulties in dealing and settlement, and custody problems could arise.

Important information

All information sourced from Invesco Perpetual as at 30 November 2016 unless otherwise stated.

Where Invesco Perpetual has expressed views and opinions, these may change.

For the most up to date information on the funds, please refer to the relevant fund and share class-specific Key Investor Information Documents, the Supplementary Information Document, the Annual or Interim Short Reports1 and the Prospectus, which are available from the Literature section of the website.

1 As the Invesco Perpetual Global Targeted Income Fund launched on 30 November 2016, the first reports will be issued on or before the following dates:

Interim: 30 June 2017
Annual: 31 December 2017