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Required by web server application to allow delivery of core functionality such as selected audience type during website visit and navigation of the site.


Used by the application server to enable personalisation by adapting content to the visitor according to his or her personal preferences, needs and capabilities.


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A third party service that provides a way to embed video content into the website.

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Single session website activity tracking and analysis of how you arrived on our website and the technology you are using to access our website.

Google Tag Manager

A tool that helps with configuring website analytics using a remote interface instead of having to update embedded tags.

Google Analytics

A third party analytics service that tracks the pages and content you view on our website.


A third party analytics service which collects anonymous user activity data from the asset management sector.

Crazy Egg

A third party analytics service which provides heat map and scroll map reports.


A third party analytics service which provides accurate and powerful real-time analytics for web and mobile.

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